The following was originally posted in the October 2012 Nature Notes, Heartland Outdoor School’s newsletter:

Apples are a sign that autumn has arrived. This is the time of year apples are harvested. Have you ever gone apple picking in the fall? It is easy to find apple orchards in Ohio. Some towns or counties even have apple festivals. But did you know that apples are not actually native to the United States? Apples are originally from Asia. Apples were first brought to America in the seventeenth century. There is even a legend about the spread of apples in America. According to the legend, Johnny Appleseed traveled the country planting apples wherever he went. This is not quite an accurate description of what happened. His real name was John Chapman. John Chapman planted several apple nurseries in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Illinois, and would sell the young trees to settlers coming into the area. There have been many stories and dramas about Johnny Appleseed. There was even a Disney short and a “Johnny Appleseed Song”.

The lyrics to the song are written here:


The Lord is good to me

And so I thank the Lord

For giving me

The things I need

The sun, and the rain, and the appleseed

The Lord is good to me!