One section we used to have in our Nature Notes newsletter was a nature craft. We would find awesome nature crafts online to share with our readers. For those of you who remember past nature notes, not all of the crafts we wrote about are copied in this post. Some of the links to websites we cited are no longer functional. The following are the crafts that still have working links. Happy crafting!


November 2010:

Leafy Door Hanger

Celebrate the return of fall right from your front door. Kids will love putting this craft together by getting their hands dirty with finger painting.


October 2011

Caramel Apple Monster

This month’s awesome craft idea is Caramel Apple Monsters. These little guys are super fun to make and even more fun to eat. Follow the link below for a fun Fall treat.


May 2012

Home made playdough

Children have fun making their own playdough with any of the recipes on the following webpage. This craft can be incorporated into science lesson plans or just for fun.


September 2012

Grow Your Own Wildflowers!

Wildflower gardens are a wonderful way to invite birds and butterflies into your yard. Here is a website that will help get you started on your new garden.


October 2012

Fall Food Favorites

One of the best parts of Autumn is all the delicious food that becomes available. The following website provides many fun fall inspired recipes for you to try at home:


November 2012

A Soda Bottle Greenhouse

Growing your own plants for food and helping keep plastic out of a landfill; what could be better?  This craft gives your students a chance to try some hands on recycling from start to finish by using a 2 liter soda bottle as a miniature greenhouse.  This craft gives your students a chance to try reusing resources and to grow vegetables.  The plans for the craft are available at:


January 2013

Snowball Fights

It’s that time of year again!  Snowball battles, sledding, and snowmen are the chiefs among outdoor activities.  Did you know that there are actually rules for snowball bouts?  Check out this link to Dan Beard’s (one of the founders of American Boys Scouts) snowball fight rules.

This is an excerpt from an early 20th  book named The American Boys Handibook.  This book and the accompanying girl’s book are a must have edition to anyone’s library.


March 2013

Homemade Vase

Spring is almost here. With all the beautiful flowers blooming outside, it’s always nice to bring them indoors. This homemade vase is a neat way to display the new spring flowers.


May 2013

Crystal Candy

Our world is filled with natural wonders. Crystal formations are beautiful and mysterious at the same time. Get out and explore Ohio’s caves and crystal formations. While you are thinking about caves and crystals, here is an activity to make your own edible crystal candy!