What is black and white and waddles all over?

A Penguin!

Did you know that there are 17 species of penguins in the world and they are all found in the Southern Hemisphere? The only exception to this is Galapagos Penguin (Pictured below). This penguin occasionally visits islands just north of the equator.

Of all 17 species of penguins, 13 are considered threatened or endangered. A lot of the threats to penguins come from human caused sources such as  pollution, habitat loss, introduced species, and over fishing by humans. But despite the negative affect humans can have on penguins, there is a lot we can do to help protect these awesome birds. First of all, it is important to make people aware of the threats to penguins. This is one reason that World Penguin Day is celebrated every April 25. Other ways to get involved is to support organizations such as zoos which fund research and conservation for these amazing birds. Also, be aware of what seafood you are eating and where it comes from. Try to avoid eating fish and other seafood from sources that are not fished sustainably. For more information about sustainable seafood, check out “Seafood Watch” at http://www.seafoodwatch.org/cr/cr_seafoodwatch/sfw_aboutsfw.aspx

Happy World Penguin Day!